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Information Collection
IPcatcher.Net collects no personal information by default for standard users. We do collect information that allows us to generate statistical figures for monitoring traffic to the site, but no personal information is collected.

Information Sharing
IPcatcher.Net will not share any personal information collected from any users on the site with any third parties what so ever. We do not distribute email addresses or any other personal contact details under any circumstances. We may make public any statistical data we collect but this is totally anonymous and not personally identifiable to any one user.

Cookies are small files which are stored on your personal computer as a way of retaining information and tracking your web browsing experience. Cookies are not used on this site.

Other Information
We have no control over the privacy policy of other sites which you make be able to access via IPcatcher.Net, or over what information they may collect about you. Additionally, our advertisers may chose to track information about you with or without the use of cookies. It is your responsibility to contact such web site operators or advertisers directly to determine their privacy policy.


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