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Language Development:

Download the language file and edit. After translation send us by mail the same file.
We put in our website your copyrights and your website (if you have).







[download] - Completed
Spanish [download] - Incomplete
French [download] - Incomplete
Portuguese - Portugal [download] - Completed
Portuguese - Brasil [download] - Completed
German [download] - Incomplete
Italian [download] - Incomplete
Czech -- -- - Wanted (create one!)
Chinese [download] - Incomplete
Arabic [download] - Incomplete
Dutch [download] - Incomplete
Greek [download] - Incomplete
Japonese [download] - Incomplete
Korean [download] - Incomplete
Russian [download] - Incomplete
Hindi -- -- - Wanted (create one!)
Bengali -- -- - Wanted (create one!)
Malay, Indonesian -- -- - Wanted (create one!)
Turkish -- -- - Wanted (create one!)
Polish -- -- - Wanted (create one!)
Thai -- -- - Wanted (create one!)
Farsi (Persian) -- -- - Wanted (create one!)

If we dont have your language create one!

Send for our mail:


Language Contributions
Paulo Lopes from  - Portuguese-Portugal Language
Luiz Anschau from - Portuguese-Brasil Language



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